Campbelltown Path

retirement village Pathway installed on 9/11/2014

This project for James Brown Memorial retirement village involved a number of courtyard pathways where non slip surfacing was paramount. The architect specified porous paving to support the growth of the garden area in the atrium.

  • Non slip for retirement village
  • Porous to support central garden feature of village
  • Porous paving perfect for harsh Mediterranean climate in South Australia

Given the retirement village is in an urban area, the need to support a healthy garden that features in the middle of the retirement village was paramount. Porous paving was used to achieve this to allow for the significant amount of hard surfacing / pathways required for residents to get about the garden space with their visitors and to maintain a level of exercise.

Similarly, North Adelaide council had engage a contractors, including StoneSet, to achieve a similar affect for up to 40 tree surrounds on the busy Melbourne St pathways of North Adelaide. Westfield Shopping Centres had also appointed StoneSet as the paving contractor for a unique food court area in the new Tea Tree Plaza development in Modbury.

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