Private Driveway, Kogarah

ash charcoal concrete driveway resurfacing

This is a common scene across Australia.

1939, Kogarah, NSW, 3mm Charcoal Ash, Overlay Before

If you have a concrete driveway like this and looking for options for concrete resurfacing, this is one of the best value driveway surface options Australia has to offer!

The original concrete driveway work had been done 40-50 years ago. ‘Back then’ materials were more expensive than labour, so the option to lay 2 strips of concrete for the car tyres was more common way of saving on costs.

The legacy of old concrete is gradually being paved over by one of the most popular alternatives to driveways Australia has to offer. StoneSet resin bound stone is a high value, quick install, long lasting permeable driveway option that is breathing new life into the appearance of properties Australia wide.

Cost effective concrete resurfacing

The major appeal of StoneSet was the opportunity to resurface driveways rather than the cost of sending existing concrete to landfill.

This and other projects like this have multiple value advantages;

  1. Large concrete area
  2. Huge expense for concrete driveway removal – sending concrete to landfill
  3. Colour match existing colour scheme
  4. Overlay dont Overpay!

Given the task of concrete resurfacing was far more cost effective than removal of the concrete driveway, our client was looking for ‘driveway Ideas’ and found StoneSet online.

There are many ‘faux stone’ solutions available however few are able to overlay an existing surface. StoneSet permeable paving can overlay a range of rigid surfaces. Heres a list of some we have encountered in the last 10 years.


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