Baccus Marsh Grammar

Baccus marsh grammar installed on Thu 03 Mar 2016


StoneSet was chosen to create a natural and welcoming pathway. These colours were the perfect blend of earth and contemporary, creating a beautiful entrance to the building.

65sqm of Beach stone was installed in the courtyard outside the library area. There were a few main points why StoneSet was specified for this school;


Safety has to be the number one concern of any place supervising children. This means that you want a surface that makes tripping harder. The non-slip surface of porous paving will cut down on the times children fall on your playground and in your hallways.


Schools generally want to avoid constantly patching surfaces, as they have limited funds and would rather spend them on curriculum. Porous paving comes with three stone sizes, and they can work together to give maximum hold. It won’t need replacing for at least 10 years, and it will look good after years of heavy traffic.


Pooling water is a nuisance and a danger in schools. People walk through it and then trek water from outside to make indoor floors slippery. With porous paving, there are no puddles. The water seeps down to where you want it, out of the way of pedestrians.


Schools like to mark out areas where children should line up for class and can play with the ball. The problem with non-porous pavement is that you have to paint on those spaces, and the paint wears away with time. Porous paving comes in a selection of bright colors which you can use to permanently and clearly spell out the dimensions of the basketball court and the line-up spot.



Schools have many kinds of surfaces, from parking lots to playgrounds, and each has its own requirements. The 3 stone sizes and range of colours lets you create different looks and meet different needs throughout the campus: a no-nonsense parking lot with a mix of the 3 sizes for great strength, whimsical surroundings in the playground with the 6 mm size stones for maximal permeability and safety, and so on.


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