Paving cooler cities – Jan ’21

Australian University Researchers are unanimous on the need for more urban greening. They recommend Porous Paving as one of the best methods in cooling our homes and cities.  (read more)

Resurface stencil paving – Dec ’20

Crazy paving is chosen as a means of rejecting the visual repetition of pavers. The opposite of man made pattern and order is a ‘crazy’ disorder of natural stone, like StoneSet!


In the final stages of this beautiful build on Sydneys’ North Shore, Homeowner Viv describes liaising with StoneSet and Ku Ring Gai Council. Viv details his work to meet hard-to-soft landscaping ratio development requirements and the perfect porous driveway!.

Customer Feedback  – May ’19

Narrow side paths are indicative of popular/inner ring suburb of Mosman in Sydney, NSW – built up residential areas, where multiple building additions give rise to mottled old/new concrete mosaics pathways. Hear what our client had to say about the experience working with StoneSet

Wellness Garden  – May ’19

We team up with Outside Space and other members of the Master Landscaping Association for the Mission Australia “Wellness Garden” in Mount Druitt. Project Manager Greg Soster details the water sensitive and cost saving credentials of this great initiative.

Glass paving ‘Mandala’  – JUL ’19

One of the pinnacle paving projects undertaken in StoneSet’s career – An exercise Mandala for City of Ryde council in Sydney, paved using resin-bound crushed recycled glass. One of the largest decorative glass paving projects in Australia

Westfield Water Park – Aug ’18

On behalf of Scentre Group StoneSet has been used on multiple Westfield Shopping Centres including this unique installation titled “the backyard” complete with Public BBQ facilities, Children’s play area, hammocks and children’s play facilities.

Mega Makeover – Jul ’17

This passed Christmas, we made it our mission to give back to the community and help someone in need. We were touched by Karen’s story and wanted to share it with you. Karen received a free, new driveway renovation and is more confident now than ever!

Council tree surrounds – Nov ’19

Manly Corso and Darling Harbour – StoneSet installed porous tree pits at iconic Sydney locations. See why StoneSet was the ideal choice for these highly trafficked high profile public spaces.

Saftey at the school playground  – OCT ’17

The play area has had a stunning makeover with a brilliant bright mix of 6mm Apollo Ash, laid at 25mm depth. Thanks to StoneSet, the ground is now fully porous, solving all of their pooling problems and helping the environment.

Lockdown Landscaping  – May ’20

A great little lockdown landscaping project during the Coronavirus restrictions. Preparing an old dysfunctional pebble covered area with smaller, more practical resin bound pebble and binding with PourOn resin.

DIY Backyard with Pour On – Nov ’19

We have an in-depth chat with Beth from Melbourne who experienced run-off problems and discovered ‘PourOn’ gravel binder. Beth followed advice and instructions to get an amazing result.

Engineers & resin paving – Feb ’19

We speak with Matt (who has engineering experience in Naval architecture) Having worked in ship building where flexible fibreglass resins are common, Matt has an advanced understanding of resin and the suitability for applications where non rigid paving is required.

Sydney observatory paths – sep ’17

StoneSet was called upon to update very worn and undulated paths, that were causing health and safety concerns. The existing deco granite was not coping with the high levels of foot traffic or the sloping site, which saw the loose granite constantly rolling down the hill after rainfall.

Rejuvenate your pool – sep ’17

Ideal for pool surrounds, not only is StoneSet porous (meaning no puddles form around the pool) but we can incorporate sand into the mix for extra traction. A finer 3mm stone is soft underfoot and dried resin is unaffected by pool chemicals.

decorative stone stencils  – sep ’17

Resin bound stone is much easier to shape and form decorative patterns than other paving options, such as segmental pavers or tiles. Watch how we use MDF timber to form stencils and shapes to apply the stone to create designs and motifs.

DIY for Small areas  – apr ’18

Get everything you need for your own resin bound paving project direct from us. We have your paving resin, crushed rock, decorative pebbles and drainage cell sub base layer – everything you need to build the best DIY permeable paving.

Got a weekend? DIY patio!  – OCT ’17

Fibre cement sheeting? No problem. We join Naomi Findlay from the Reno Show to give a special, natural finish to a very maintenance free, green balcony. Materials cost only a few thousand dollars!

Process building porous driveways  – jan ’15

Do you need or want your paving to be ‘fully porous’ so the water reaches the ground water table? Watch this video to see what is involved to remove the old driveway, prepare the base and finish off with resin bound stone.