The Bronzed Aussie! This stalwart of Australian paving has been slapped with various commercial monikers including Pebblecrete, Riverina Red and Pea-Gravel. Perfect for creating those earthy garden paths and natural ‘river stone’ pool surrounds. There’s no denying its deep browns and reds are ubiquitous amongst older buildings, particularly of the 70’s and 80’s vintage (think kidney shaped pools and strata title pathways!) however this modern day equivalent is vastly more robust and refined. The larger 6mm stone and the fact it is interlocked (resin bound rather than cement-bonded) makes it virtually impossible to pop loose like its older relatives. Tan is indispensable when complimenting Australian native plants, curating traditional homesteads and generally ‘toning-down’ areas with an atmosphere of ‘earthy and natural’.  



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