Our most bold and modern blend – the ‘Blue Steele’ of porous paving! An inversion of its predominately-black cousin ‘Black Ash’, Sterling is of course named after the Pound Sterling – the superior silver currency of the British Empire. Employing the highest possible contrast using white marble (rather than white quartz/granite) the silver effect is attained when the eye experiences mostly the sun blazing off a majority white, lightly interspersed with smaller flecks of koonunga greys and black granites. For this reason, Sterling is almost exclusively a modern home masterpiece, suiting facades with contrasting lines, aluminum clad panels, large modern cubist facades and compliments gun-metal grey roofing and colourbond steel fencing. Sterling invigorates established red-brick homes with renewed pride, fidelity and imparting an impression of ‘truly stainless’.  



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