Practical Solutions with StoneSet for commercial paving

permeable paving school tree surround

A commercial facility with a professionally designed outdoor area creates confidence in the company’s customers. Tastefully designed hardscaping features added to the establishment’s exterior can improve the business presence. Not only does it increase the aesthetic appeal, but it serves a practical purpose for using the property.


  • Large properties can be difficult to navigate but features such as walkways and low-set walls make a clear path for customers to follow.
  • Areas restricted to employee use only are easily identified with walls and gates that blend with the overall property design.
  • Patchy or uneven sections of lawn or ground cover are managed with features such as multilevel patios and flower beds.
  • Strategically placed walls can help to insulate the main building from hot summer sun or cold winter winds.
  • Hard surfaces designed to handle a high traffic volume protect the soil and greenery from damage.
  • Porous surfaces allow the soil to breath while reducing erosion from water runoff.


Improving the quality of a commercial property can be costly. StoneSet provides a viable solution for hard surfaces. Incorporating natural stone products from local quarries helps to reduce the costs. The installation is far less labour intensive than it is for concrete and paver stones. StoneSet comes with a 10-year guarantee and cleans up easily with a power washer.

For professional landscapers – we are happy to assist you with hardscape designs that support the longevity of the properties for your clients.


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