Porous Paving Keeps Your Walking Surface Cool, As Well As Natural

Have you ever stepped outside to get the mail, or let your dog out in the summer? Remember that instant feeling of discomfort when your foot touched the concrete that had been sitting in the hot sun all day? What if that didn’t have to happen? If, even on hot, sunny days you could walk down your front path in bare feet, or relax on your patio, without worrying about slipping on a pair of shoes before you stepped outside?


Well, if you’re after a surface that’s cooler to the touch, then you should consider porous paving solutions. Porous Paving Keeps Things Cool As the city government of Austin, Texas pointed out to residents, traditional pavement left in the hot sun absorbs heat. Dark colours absorb heat, as we all know, but solid pavement like concrete also sucks in heat, creating a heat island effect.

On the other hand, porous walking surface allows for ventilation in the same way they allow for drainage. This means that these surfaces aren’t as hot during the day, but it also means that when the sun goes down they have less banked heat to give off during the night. If your home is surrounded by pavement that’s holding onto the heat during the day, and heating up the area at night, keeping cool becomes a near impossibility.

By installing porous paving solutions, you allow for any water to soak into the ground instead of running off the pavement. Water, much like the day’s heat, will slide straight through the pavement and start to evaporate. This process, called the wicking effect, in turn cools the air. Which can be a lifesaver if you want to keep your pavement cool in the heat. More so, allowing rainwater to soak back into the ground and evaporate has tremendous benefits to your natural surroundings. For more benefits about what porous paving can do for your landscape, simply contact us today!