Porous Paving for Golf Course Cart Paths

Golf course building and landscaping contractors strive to create environmentally friendly sustainable designs that conserve water and reduce irrigation costs, while reducing impacts on the environment, as the main goals to impress golf course ownership and land management teams.

Golfers appreciate puddle-free and slip-resistant cart paths that prevent accidents and golf course ownership appreciate less cart maintenance and reduced liabilities. Both appreciate natural golf course environments that improve the planet and the game of golf.

StoneSet’s porous paving produces such cart paths for golf courses. StoneSet binds stone with a flexible resin material while leaving natural voids between stones. Water passes through paving material to provide water to the fairways and greens and to keep them green throughout the golfing season.

  • Natural stone, available in 24 colours, paves your curvaceous cart paths in colours that complement your natural surrounding environment and highlight your ancient geologic features to make your golf course design unique and stand out among other courses.
  • Eliminating concrete on your golf course will improve the playing environment and the planet at the same time.
  • Join StoneSet’s green company in our mission to reduce carbon emissions, and go with porous paving for your hardscaping needs on your golf course grounds instead of concrete.
  • Hardscape renovations for your old Nineteenth Hole Watering Hole or the Golfer’s Garden patio on your course, the pathways around your clubhouse, or the golf course car park area on your property are easy with overlays over existing concrete or asphalt products. StoneSet overlays reduce material going to landfills and recycle and reuse materials.
  • Inlay your golf course logo, golf association logos, and tournament logos with recycled glass available in 6 colours into your parking lot or patio design to give your course a professional edge and to intimidate your competition for the best golf course design awards.

StoneSet’s creative designs guaranteed for ten years generally endure for twenty-five years and require no maintenance, which is wonderful for busy land maintenance crews and golf course ownership.


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Or contact us when disaster strikes. We also renovate golf course cart paths and other course hardscaping after natural disaster destruction that’s becoming more common with climate changes.

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