Porous Paving Can Help Prevent Soil Erosion

Porous paving has a lot of green credentials, and that’s part of why it’s becoming more common. Since the pavement lacks traditional fillers, there are gaps that allow water to drain naturally, which prevents puddling and other problems on the surface, and helps maintain the water table below the surface. Porous paving can also forego traditional gutters and other drainage accouterments, as well, since the water will be draining through the pavement rather than sliding down slope.

That last point is actually an advantage of porous paving that doesn’t get brought up very often, but soil erosion is a serious problem that strategic use of porous paving pretty much stops dead in its tracks.



Soil erosion is when the top layers of soil are stripped away faster than they can be replaced. While there are a lot of conditions that cause this, one of the most common conditions when it comes to building and drainage concerns is water flow. Say you have a bike path, and the incline allows water to drain off the concrete, and into a nearby creek. That might sound like an ideal setup, but as the water collects and runs down the embankment, it takes topsoil with it. This can lead to the embankment being gouged, over time, and the land eroding as the soil is swept away.


Porous paving prevents that from happening by just letting the water drain straight through it. There’s no need for runoff, so there’s no opportunity for erosion to happen as a result of pavement drainage. This allows an installment to remain in place without having to put additional accessories in place to prevent erosion, in addition to dealing with runoff from the impermeable pavement.

So, in addition to the immediate benefits of porous paving, there are others you only realize over time.


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