Porous Paving Applications: Keep Your Trees’ Thirsts Quenched

Combining the pastoral with the modern is a design strategy we see everywhere. From subdivisions to city roads, the combination of smooth modernity with the green of gardens and trees appeals to multiple needs at once. However, it isn’t easy to grow your trees in a concrete jungle. With proper planning, and a little help from porous paving, though, it can be done.


Picture a city street, lined with trees. They provide color, shade, and give the block character. Then it rains. All that water is sloshing around on top of the pavement, being pushed into gutters, and none of it is reaching the trees who actually need it. So, instead of just letting nature take its course, crews have to water and feed the trees separately.



Because porous paving allows water to drain naturally, there’s less need for artificial drainage from gutters and storm drains. The pavement also traps contaminants, making sure that the water is clean and filtered by the time it reaches the soil. That water feeds the trees, and what the trees don’t use goes back to the water table.

Perhaps best of all, though, the concrete isn’t trapping the water and creating hazards where plants could drown. It simply lets the water go wherever it wants to.


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