Porous Paving Applications Are Growing More Popular In The Modern Day

Porous Paving Applications Are Growing More Popular In The Modern Day

It seems like all our green technology is at least 100 years old. From solar panels and wind turbines, to the Sterling engine and electric cars, practically every “new” invention we have that’s good for the environment is something we discovered back in the 1800s. Or, in some cases, even earlier. 

Porous paving is like that. It was discovered back in 1852, but it seems like it took more than 150 years for us to really start putting it to use.

Porous Paving Applications Are Growing More Popular

So what’s so special about porous paving? After all, it’s just concrete that lets water drain down through it, rather than letting it run off the sides. However, with all the concern regarding clean water facing the world today (particularly in drought-plagued areas like Queensland), permeable paving is looking like a more viable option than ever before.

 drought-plagued areas


Whether it’s walking paths in parks, or stretches of roadway in major cities, porous paving is being used as a way to prevent runoff, filter water, and make sure that as many pollutants as possible are trapped in a concrete filter. While it may be slightly more expensive to install than traditional concrete, porous paving is being seen more and more as a long-term investment.


Especially when installing this pavement eliminates the need for standing ponds, swales, and other drainage solutions that are necessary with concrete that doesn’t drain and filter the water, returning it to the earth.


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