Porous Paving: A Better Way to Avoid Floods?

Porous paving is getting more and more attention these days. The name pretty much says it all; paving that allows water to drain straight through the stone, instead of pooling on top. Porous paving save time, effort, money, and best of all they can be recycled. However, there is a huge benefit to using porous paving we don’t often think about: porous paving can help prevent floods.


Think of what happens during a flood. There’s a rain, or even a snow melt in the case of Tasmania or New Zealand, and something happens to back up the drainage system. Maybe a storm drain has been dammed by detritus that got caught in the flow, or a pipe is clogged by ice, which backs up the attempts to drain snow melt.

That water can’t go where it’s supposed to, so it backs up, and pools on the streets. Then water, being water, takes the path of least resistance. Unfortunately this might be into a basement, or someone’s living room.

Porous paving bypasses this situation, and helps relieve the pressure on drainage systems. Water won’t run down your driveway into the gutter if it can just drain straight through your driveway. Roads won’t wash out if the water can just drain through the road, instead of depending on clogged drainage ditches.

On a small-scale, this can help keep a business or home from flooding. On a large-scale? It could be a serious asset for urban and highway planning, if properly utilised.

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