Porous and gorgeous: embracing StoneSet in and around the house

Porous paving sounds like a good idea when you are walking around the outside of your home in a downpour, leaping over puddles. Modern designers frequently recommend a porous paving solution for driveways and paths in new constructions.The materials are available in a wide range of attractive colours. Porous paving relies on a well compacted base with limited fines to drain away all the excess liquid – and indeed to prevent insects from breeding in any damp places.

Water will seep through, reducing pooling, while your plants reap the benefits and your water bill is reduced. In spite of the practical nature of this drainage feature, the surface is made from aggregate for easy walking and pleasing solid looks. When a homeowner decides to update the hardscape adjacent to the house, working with porous paving provides obvious benefits.


When updating the hardscape adjacent to the house, first designate porous paving in the design for any new areas. Then look at matching up the older surfaces. A pro-tip to jumpstart your creativity is to prepare a list of all the areas you may want to enhance, and look at the possible StoneSet applications feature.

New pathways are a frequent component of a design change.  With a spectrum of attractive stone colours and textures to work with, you can change the feel of a front of back yard while enhancing practicality. One famous approach is to find the place you naturally shortcut across your own yard and make that the new path.

Driveways are another favourite candidate for an update. StoneSet was first presented to the public as a way to cover over cracked pavement. You may find that removing the old paving gives a drainage advantage.  However, for a less costly renewal that avoids the chore of pavement removal and disposal, look into covering any worn and shabby surfaces with an eye-catching and durable StoneSet over-layer.

Putting around a pool? Wood decks require ongoing care. Tile can be a dangerous hazard for slipping and falling — as well as grout-cleaning. Our top-tier, no-skid porous paving product gives an attractive natural look with none limited maintenance. Feel free to place container plants wherever you choose without damaging the surface.

Do you have an interior open courtyard?  Here is another place where StoneSet can enhance your outdoor experience where you most cherish it — indoors. Say goodbye to your old flooring materials and look forward to the easy beauty and the end of seeing standing puddles in your home after rain falls.


If you are a homeowner updating your home or a landscaper building for a homeowner, contact us to look into how porous paving will work in your project and your life.

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