Popular, Permeable, and Porous

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Outdoor living areas like outdoor rooms, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, swimming pools, and hot tubs continue to grow in popularity. An essential part of these spaces is what’s underfoot. “Just as you wouldn’t buy a car without the tires, your clients aren’t getting a proper outdoor area without some beautiful hardscaping to pull it all together,” affirms an article from Total Landscape Care. These amenities can net a 75% return on investment when a house sells.

Smart landscape design integrates porous materials when working with terraced gardens, prevents soil erosion from bare spots in the yard by redirecting rainwater from downspouts towards trees and shrubs, and guides drainage from pool water away from hard surfaces. Resilient and slip resistant, permeable pavers not only conform to any landscape design but also are smooth enough for wheelchairs and bicycles, and stand up to high heels. Best of all, when it rains they’re puddle-free, so they’ll keep feet dry.


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It’s important for homeowners to know that pervious pavement won’t show stains like traditional materials. A smart option for renovations, there’s no need to bear the expense of tearing up that ugly asphalt driveway, and permeable pavers can be installed right on top of your old, dirty concrete patio. “This kind of product can be installed directly over existing surfaces such as concrete, asphalt or even blocks. The flexible structure can handle cracked concrete and pavers, making it a quick option for renovating old driveways, pathways and commercial paving,” says David Wheeldon of Architecture and Design.


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The wide range of colours of StoneSet‘s paving materials is stunning! From warm, natural tones to traditional black and white to coloured recycled glass, there are enough options to spark the creative imagination of any hardscape designer.

Homeowners looking to revitalize their gardens, walkways and driveways should need no convincing that porous paving is unrivaled in overlaying existing hard surfaces to increase the value of their house. It’s great curb appeal.