Pool Surrounds

Private Pool Surrounds, Stanhope Gardens

Here we installed curves of 6mm Apollo to help create a beautiful design around a pool. StoneSet is very versatile and can be laid to any shape, logo or design.

6mm Charcoal, Driveway and Pool Overlay, Glen Alpine NSW

Black is the new orange! 6mm Charcoal was laid at a 16mm depth over 183m2 of dated pavers. StoneSet was used everywhere! From the driveway, to the pathways and even the pool surround. StoneSet completely updated the outdoors of this home and in just a matter of days.

Public Rooftop, Melbourne

StoneSet proved the ideal solution to repaving this 10 storey rooftop. Saving jack hammering up the existing tiles and disturbing the waterproofing, StoneSet was simply laid over the top! A mix of colours were chosen to create “spaces” over the large rooftop, these included” 6mm Apollo, 6mm Charcoal and 3mm Charcoal Ash.

Private Pool Surround, Homebush

Building managers were after a surface that could allow foot traffic, maintain the water supply to the palms, be flexible enough to overlay the existing tiles and surrounding garden and look natural – StoneSet provided the solution. The preparation work simply involved the garden being excavated 160mm and a new layer of compacted earth added – leaving the area ready to receive the StoneSet. 3mm Bundaberg stones were then laid over both the compacted area and tiled surface, providing a seamless finish. The new oasis was strong enough to be walked on, flexible enough to receive some movement from the trees, permeable and provided a new look that completely transformed the area.


StoneSet Pool Surround, Haven VIC