Our best Before-and-Afters

Here at StoneSet we are used to completely transforming a public space or the way a property presents on the street. We have developed a variety of porous paving applications as porous paving is suitable for numerous applications Here were some of our best before and afters.

Black is the new orange! 6mm Charcoal was laid at a 16mm depth over 183m2 of dated pavers. StoneSet was used everywhere! From the driveway, to the pathways and even the pool surround. StoneSet completely updated the outdoors of this home and in just a matter of days.


In desperate need of an update, this driveway received a coating of StoneSet. The clients went with 6mm Koonunga Black for the majority and included a circle of Glensanda for a personal touch – tying in beautifully with the brickwork.



Here we installed one of our favourite and becoming increasingly popular 3mm Kirribilli Red Blend. The beautiful stone was used to overlay old concrete, creating a new seamless entrance to the home.Below is the before and after shots to show how StoneSet truely transformed the area.




Here the StoneSet Team used our Kirribilli Red blend to create a fully permeable driveway.The StoneSet installation team, take a lot of pride in their work and these before, during and after shots truly reflect their talent.


This beautiful driveway is a great example of StoneSets durability & flexibility. The clients went with Hill Grey & Bundaberg creating a beautiful seamless entrance to their home.



Deco granite was the perfect visual finish for this wondering pathway with the amazing backdrop of the NSW South Coasts hinterland. However, for this luxurious property located high in the hills, the deco granite proved to be a maintenance nightmare, washing away in the rain and creating a hazard for its users.Our client selected a colour which would still meet the objective of a natural Australian stone, yet once bound in our high-quality polyurethane resin would no longer be affected by washout. Solving the maintenance headache and creating a long-lasting beautiful pathway. You would want nothing less to complement those views!!Before

kirribilli red – click photo for more
kirribilli red – click photo for more



StoneSet loves to stand out and look beautiful, and we’ve done just that by creating a modern entrance to a wonderful home. We used our Pitch black and Ash Arctic colours to create a real wow factor.




Going, going, gone! Within a few hours the old concrete driveway was completely hidden, replaced by a new stone surface. 3mm Pitch black stones were laid at a 12mm depth and completely transformed the area.




This driveway below had no existing pavement and Stoneset was specified to increase the hard/soft landscaping ratio in favour of the surrounding trees. The beautify finished Apollo look was used to frame the foundation sandstone of the house.




This 6mm Charcoal Tan Ash stone blend worked perfectly, providing a slight contrast which ensures each stone is evident while still remaining in the same colour scheme. This natural look was further emphasized by the choice of a 6mm stone. Some red tones were also included which reflected the heritage style of the home and tied in perfectly with the red roof.Below is a before photo of the driveway.



Our clients had just finished a long renovation of their beautiful family home. The last thing that was letting down the fantastic renovation completed so far was the driveway. With the goal to sell the family home, they wanted to ensure they got the sale price which matched the effort and time spent maintaining the home. They knew that the first impressions could make or break a great sale price! StoneSet was used to overlay the old, patchwork concrete driveway.The 3mm Koonunga StoneSet offered a modern clean finish, installed quickly and will no doubt help them obtain the best possible valuation.




Often an area of existing paving can become worn and patched up, even cracked without losing its structural strength and integrity. StoneSet can be used as a surface dressing to bring it back to life, looking better than ever. When originally conceived StoneSet was designed simply for an attractive, natural surface for overlaying concrete and asphalt.

glensanda – click photo for more
glensanda – click photo for more
glensanda – click photo for more





This blend of the modern charcoal stone with the softer look of the koonunga Grey perfectly encapsulated both the tradition of the institution as well it’s contemporary approach. The stone overlay rejuvenated 80m2 across the school, creating a new atmosphere for the school.

charcoal – click photo for more
charcoal – click photo for more



An old Asphalt driveway, nothing structurally wrong but as our clients were busy renovating their house they realised that the driveway was the final finishing touch to their homes renovation. A Charcoal colour with flecks of Coral picked up on the colour of the new sandstone walls.





Using an existing impervious surface such as concrete doesn’t mean that you can’t make full use of the porous nature of StoneSet products. By incorporating a drainage channel as a collection point the water can still be collected before reaching drains and returned to the water table or harvested on site for re-use.



3mm Charcoal was laid at just a 12mm depth over this concrete pad and completely transformed the area! — in Horsham, Victoria. 




This driveway was framed by beautiful views in Longueville however hillside runoff meant pooling issues from time to time. StoneSet were called in to deliver a porous surface not to mention beautiful finish in ‘charcoal’. 



Contact Stoneset to discuss your options before beginning any projects. Whether you do-it-yourself or hire a qualified contractor, we have the right products you need to protect your driveways, pathways and walkways.