Operations adapted to Coronavirus

StoneSet have adapted a small number of operational changes in response to the corporate responsibility of Australian Small business to help stop the spread of Coronavirus. For the most part, our communication with you and fulfilment of orders remain unchanged.

In line with instructions from the Australian Government and our director Andrew Newtown’s facebook post on 17th March, we continue to take seriously the threat of Coronavirus and our responsibility to reduce its spread.

Customers can be reassured purchasing at this exceptional time will be effectively no different than it was one month ago and prior.

Product quality, website order fulfilment, site visit procedure and installation by experienced and dedicated crew, these are all essential components for a positive customer experience.  The details below communicate how we can, and have proceeded with minor adjustments to ensure continued serviced whilst eliminating most possible routes for Coronavirus transmission.

Please check our contact page before visiting Smithfield

As a customer, supplier or family member of staff you can be assured we are a business that is meeting and exceeding our corporate responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy workplace with regards to this virus, in particular;

  • 80% office staff currently working from home currently in line with workplace social distancing
  • Workplace staff actively practice ‘good hygiene’ as defined by the Australian Governments issued recommendations, with signage and
  • We have daily web-meetings in which the health status of all our office workers are confirmed, so as not risk spread of any potential virus to other staff they may interact with.


Site and Operations fully functional

Our site crew are being asked to check their body temperature daily. We have informed them it is obviously important they self-isolate at the first sign of any Government-advised symptoms of infection.

If you are having a site-visit as part of receiving a quote or having you are having the StoneSet product installed, please be re-assured;

  • Our Directors are sternly enforcing sick days be taken.
  • The StoneSet representative you are meeting with has experienced none of the early stage Coronavirus symptoms – feeling ill, dry cough, headache from cough.
  • Our site crew must adhere to the recommended social distancing, which includes an inability to shake hands and maintenance of ‘safe distance’ regarding possible transmission (two arms length)
  • Lunch breaks are not to involve breaking any Government recommended restrictions on Food courts and public gatherings.

We’ve implemented a balance of meeting our corporate responsibility meeting Australian Government recommendations for small business with maintaining our ability to quote, supply and install StoneSet and Pour’On products.

For our customers, We appreciate your business at this uncertain time and whilst we can continue to operate we maintain our standards of workmanship and customer service.

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