One Great Benefit of Porous Paving? No More Puddles!

There’s something special about the rain. The gentle hush as it falls, the way everything seems to shrink down, and even that relaxing smell of flowing water. But if you have traditional pavement, there is also a slew of negative side effects that come with even an afternoon of rain. There’s the runoff, which can lead to erosion. There’s the slick surfaces, which can linger for hours after the rain has finally stopped. And there are puddles… puddles which can lead to water damage, safety hazards, and which can linger long after the skies have cleared.

One of the best ways to deal with puddles, without changing any other feature of your landscaping and design, is to use porous paving.


Puddles are a problem, and that problem will only get worse. Rather than building extensive drainage networks to deal with pooling water, why not let that water flow through the pavement, and into the ground? This strategy allows the water to stay local, and it ensures there are no safety hazards on the pavement. As long as the water is draining, then the risk of slipping and falling is significantly smaller than it would have been with traditional pavement.

It can’t rain all the time, but it’s something that will happen a lot over the course of a pavement’s lifetime. Why not use pavement that can cope with all that water, and take it where it needs to go.


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