New Christmas Tradition to Set in Stone with StoneSet

A popular trend over the last few years is for families to create new Christmas traditions that go above and beyond the typical acts of gift giving. Instead of exchanging one gift or a few small gifts with each family member, such as clothing items or trinkets or toys, often the focus now is on large gifts that address the practical needs of each family member instead of a list of needless wants.

Grandparents or parents buy cars for children as they reach driving age or save for college educations, investing in their children’s futures. Grandparents or parents often take the holidays as an opportunity to “help” their children with things that cost a lot of money such as buying a career-appropriate wardrobe, furnishing a first home or baby room, or buying major appliances or lawn care equipment, simply because they know how long it took to acquire these things when they were just starting out as young adults and starting a family. Over the last few years, gift buying has become expensive, time-consuming, and a true challenge to top last year’s ideas or to find new practical needs for our loved ones.


That’s okay. These kinds of gifts mean more to us and keep on giving. One Christmas gift giving family tradition idea not well explored is outdoor home improvement. This is a tradition you can set in stone starting this year at your home or at your family owned business – tell your family that this is the tradition that you want to start this year. StoneSet’s unique porous paving product binds loose natural stone, available in 24 natural colours and 6 colours of recycled glass, to create a hardened surface that lasts 10-25 years with little maintenance. Replace uneven, cracked, and broken concrete with an environmentally friendly paving product that leaves voids between the stones to allow water to permeate to the soil below, which prevents erosion and nourishes lawns and gardens while conserving precious water. StoneSet’s affordable products suit any project at any home or business.

StoneSet allows you to custom design your dream driveway, eye-catching entrance way, paved porch or patio, playground or exercise area, garden pathways or greenhouse floor, pool or hot tub surround, car port or outdoor shower floor, or any application you can imagine to suit your home’s architecture and design, whether modern or rustic. Natural stone goes naturally with any landscape, and hardscaping is the new trend. Slip and puddle resistant, surfaces stay safe for any purpose. Corporations enjoy incorporating their logos into their corporate headquarter landscaping designs with StoneSet’s products. To set your family tradition in stone, you might consider adding a specific pattern, a family crest, or a family “logo” like a coat of arms into any StoneSet surface with our palette of colours.


Contact us for more hardscaping ideas to StoneSet your family traditions. Also, ask us about a much-loved part of our StoneSet family, Pour On, our do-it-yourself porous paving product for projects large and small. Pour On is the polyurethane resin binding product only, and makes a great gift for any member of your family, who already has the stones in place.

More information about our product is available in our free guide below:

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