Modern Driveway, NSW

Used as part of an extra feature on these premium homes, StoneSet has been contracted to carry out numerous driveway coatings over the traditional concrete slab for AV Jennings.

The site in Eastwood, NSW is a new housing estate with a range of home designs, some of which come with a decorative StoneSet finish driveway in either 6mm Cream or 6mm Charcoal.

The driveways vary in size from 25m² to 50m² and up to four driveways were completed per day.

Each driveway was fully prepared prior to the StoneSet team arriving on site. The concrete slab was poured 28 days beforehand to allow for all the moisture in the concrete to evaporate and the edging (tiles in this case) were installed leaving a 16mm layer of StoneSet to be installed.​

6mm Charcoal StoneSet Close up AV Jennings
  • Product Name: 6mm Charcoal & 6mm Cream
  • Area: Total in excess of 1000m²
  • Depth of lay: 16mm

Watch our video showing the overlay process