Many Commercial Industries Are Discovering The Benefits of Using Porous Paving

Porous paving provides a cost-effective solution for many paving projects in retail, educational, and commercial industries. Pre-existing base materials can be recycled and used for the new base thereby reducing the cost of disposing of the old pavement and purchasing new supplies.

This process also encourages reliable drainage and absorption of rain and water to prevent puddles and runoff that often lead to ruts, depressions, and potholes in parking lots and driveways.

Schools and hospitals benefit from porous paving because it provides a strong, level surface. Flat, safe lots and pathways also make it easier for the elderly and disabled to traverse the area with fewer problems. Water is absorbed into the ground quickly so it reduces pooling and freezing that can cause slick, slippery surfaces that are hard to avoid.

Retail outlets and commercial centers use porous paving methods to reduce maintenance and upkeep expenses. Repairs are quicker to complete and there are fewer materials to haul to the landfill. Many stores and shops prefer these materials because they help prevent pollutants from entering water tables and protect our streams and rivers.

By using porous paving materials in local car parks, managers and property owners find it easier to clean up and maintain a professional, well-kept lot. The water soaks into the ground and reduces damages due to freezing weather conditions. This increases the safety of the patrons who utilize these lots and increases access for those who are disabled or have trouble navigating uneven ground.

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