Main Benefit of Porous Paving? It’s A Long-Term Investment

Porous paving has been growing in popularity for years now. A pavement with natural drainage holes in it, porous paving reduces (and in many cases eliminates) runoff, allows the water table to remain balanced, and it eliminates the need for additional drainage systems like gutters and overflow channels. However, there is another benefit that comes with investing in porous paving.

Because according to Wolf Paving, porous paving can last for up to twenty years before it begins to show signs of cracking.


But what about traditional paving? After all, LDC Paving says that traditional asphalt can last for twenty, or even thirty, years before it needs to be replaced. While that is true, it’s also true that traditional asphalt can begin to show cracks within a few years of its initial installation. Not only that, but traditional asphalt paving doesn’t provide all the other benefits that porous paving does.




Well, traditional concrete can last thirty years on a single installation, but the same thing is true regarding cracks. It may still be serviceable, however the aesthetics are surely impacted.

That’s just one more reason people are investing in greener building materials. Because when you look at them on a longer timeline, and take a big-picture view, they’re just a better long-term investment.



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