Lovely Autumn Hardscaping Projects

Ever feel like your exterior home design needs a refresh? Then it’s time for a lovely hardscaping project for your home surroundings.

Hardscaping recently hit the exterior design world as the hot new trend in landscaping that leaves a wow effect on passers-by, neighbours, and guests who see your home.

Hardscaping involves custom designing the flat surfaces around your home such as driveways, sidewalks, garden pathways, pads, patios, playgrounds, and pool surrounds. Concrete’s the old standard, but StoneSet sets the trend in design possibilities, elegance, and endurance.

This autumn, add a garden pathway for easier garden tending, or a patio with a grilling pad for a place for parents to relax, or build a playground for the children to play while you relax! It’s a great time to drain the pool and redesign the pool surround to compliment your home.

Natural stone provides a warm and welcoming look for your home and garden, but it keeps areas around the home cooler as our climate changes. StoneSet’s porous paving helps the environment by allowing water to reach the soil below and conserving water, by reducing run-off that damages rivers and streams, and by keeping surfaces cooler.

StoneSet’s stellar product offers creativity and freedom in design, and 24 natural colour choices and 6 vibrant recycled glass colour choices, so the design and the application possibilities are endless, and enduring. StoneSet offers a ten-year guarantee, but lasts far longer, and your surfaces will require very little maintenance.


StoneSet hardscaping is solid, stable, strong, sustainable, and helpful to the environment around your home. Our professional work produces a beautiful finish to compliment any home, and to match any traditional, rustic, contemporary, or futuristic design. StoneSet’s porous quality and gritty safety finish ensure an always puddle-free and slip-resistant surface.

Imagine the possibilities and the advantages for hardscaping your property to improve curb appeal, aesthetics, and your family’s and guests’ enjoyment of your home and garden. Start planning your project now. What colours would best compliment your home?


Contact us to pick from our natural stone or popular recycled glass colours and for a professional design consultation while planning your fall project.

In the meantime, we strongly advise you to download our Inspiration book below to get an idea of the work we can do for you!