Landscaping that lasts

When driving past a beautiful home, what is the first thing that catches your attention? The size of the home? The view from the home?  Or perhaps the landscaping that surrounds the home? Stoneset can help take your ordinary home and transform it into a beautiful home.

Stoneset specialises in stones and recycled glass in a variety of sizes and colours, depending on your need. We use only high-quality materials to achieve the ideal finished surface.

Stoneset wants to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied. We can help design the perfect pathway for your home, update an existing driveway, or help create a superb pool surround. The possibilities are endless.


All of our completed surfaces are:

  • Slip resistant
  • No trip hazards
  • Seamless
  • Porous
  • Durable
  • Low maintenance


Stoneset takes great pride in being environmentally friendly. All of our products are sourced locally from environmentally aware quarries and made from recycled, reclaimed and waste products. Also, we take pride in resurfacing an existing driveway, which cuts down on materials going to a landfill.


Stoneset stands behind our products. We offer a 10 year guarantee, however the resin product is designed to last for more than 25 years. Our do-it-yourself brand, Pour OnGravel Binder can last up to 7 years!

Curb appeal sells a home, but once the home is purchased, the upkeep and maintenance is treacherous and time-consuming. Stoneset has products that will save time and cost in keeping your home beautiful for years to come. Whether you are a do-it-yourself type, or are looking for a professional to do the work for you, Stoneset is right for all of your landscaping needs.


For more information about the numerous benefits of porous paving please around your house, contact us or download your Free Whitepaper below:


Porous paving benefits whitepaper