Landscape Architects Can Design Low Maintenance Tree Surrounds

Landscape Architects are frequently asked to find creative ways to include green space in projects within urban surroundings that feature hard surfaces. The use of trees is often limited by the need to maintain the surrounding surface mulch or mowing requirements. Additionally, the accumulation of weeds, rodent damage and frequent foot traffic around curb-side tree trenches can cause tree growth problems.

Trees need time to develop a substantial root system while growing, and disturbances in the soil which deplete soil water and oxygen levels can be counterproductive to that effort. An attractive and unique solution is to use a fully porous, hard stone material such as StoneSet. The durable surface is ideal for urban landscapes and the color options add an aesthetic appeal to the environment.



The StoneSet system for tree surrounds incorporates a 30mm depth of porous stones designed to maximize the porous rate of water flow of up to 103ltrs/m2/second. This attractive and durable system provides a low maintenance, hard surface which is crack resistant, yet flexible enough to allow for ample controlled root growth. Trip hazards, mowing, and weeds are all eliminated, making it the perfect urban green space solution.

tree surround

With the proper landscape design, these tree trenches remove clogging from debris and sediment, prevent tree soil ring erosion from standing water, and eliminates re-mulching of the landscape. The simple installation factors the tree form and required porous rate and involves a base preparation using a geotextile membrane and a 20/4mm graded material for compaction beneath the final porous paving of 6mm-sized stone.

The extensive color range allows the landscape architect to subtly coordinate the building envelope into the surrounding landscape.


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