Kiama Tree Surrounds four years on

Four years ago, in readiness for Kiama’s 100 year celebrations, the council asked StoneSet to install Terracotta resin bound paving to the tree surrounds on Terralong Street.

Well four years on and we had opportunity to see how they were looking. The pavement is heavily trafficked, especially in the summer months when the town is packed with visitors enjoying the beautiful surrounds and facilities.

Terralong Street is packed with coffee shops, restaurants and a wide range of shops. The tree surrounds are well used by pedestrians and many are used for chairs and tables outside the cafes. The Council were of course keen to have a porous material to maintain a supply of water to the roots making StoneSet the natural choice.

Kiama 1

The original work was managed by Alan Piper of Kiama Council who on completion of the work referred to StoneSet’s “professional attitude and good tradesmanship”.
There were 23 pits in all, totalling 54m² laid at a depth of 40mm.


So, it was with interest that we checked out the pits after four years heavy use. All of the pits are looking perfectly good, the aggregate is now fully exposed and ensures a natural non-glossy appearance. There is no sign of sinkage, a sign of good base preparation by the Council staff prior to the StoneSet installation.

Naturally the tree roots have caused a little movement here in a few places but the StoneSet has accommodated this as it is designed to do.

Alan Piper selected the Terracotta from StoneSet’s range to blend in with the established paving and the buildings in this sensitively managed town. We think it was a good choice and the paving looks good for several years yet. We have heard it said that tree surrounds have to be replaced every couple of years but Kiama is testament to that with good base preparation (by Kiama Council) and a well designed and installed product using good quality ingredients (by StoneSet) first class performance and appearance are readily achievable.

Michael Newton, August 2013