Kelvin Grove School, QLD

Kelvin Grove State School had a large area of paving around the school which had suffered from many years of wear and patch repairs. It had slowly declined in appearance over the years and required a resurfacing to lift the external feel of the school.

StoneSet offered an ideal quick fix as despite the unattractive appearance of the existing surface, it still made an ideal base to install directly on top of.

A portion of the main courtyard also suffered from some pooling in heavy downpours, which in turn was causing some headaches within the school buildings. To overcome this issue StoneSet offered a specification which involved cutting a drainage channel in the affected area to direct the water to nearby stormwater pits.

The channel was then hidden by seamlessly overlaying with the top layer of StoneSet, making a quick, easy and cost effective solution.

Environmentally the overlay process was very efficient as less than 0.5m3 of waste was taken to landfill.

  • Product Name: 6mm Keelan Green, 6mm Tan,6mm Glensanda
  • Area: 2500m²
  • Depth of lay: 16mm