Keep School Pool Areas Safe with StoneSet

Many schools today are embracing swimming pools as a great way to get aerobic exercise. In fact, a lot of schools are forming swim teams and competing in regular swim meets. The schools have done a tremendous job in keeping pools safe, but accidents do still happen. As it turns out, a substantial percentage of these accidents occur outside of the school pool.


Puddles of Water

The area around a pool is prone to have standing water from people entering and exiting the water. Proper drainage could help, but someone who is just leaving a pool can create a hazard by dripping on the ground where they are walking. If you consider several swimmers or a class exiting a pool at the same time, the problem becomes much worse.

StoneSet can help schools avoid this potential safety issue. The naturally porous quality of its construction allows StoneSet to facilitate the draining of pool water. Since this happens immediately, one or more people exiting the pool will not need to walk in puddles of water.

Don’t forget walkways leading from a pool. Over the course of a day, water can quickly collect and create a walking hazard. StoneSet in these areas can alleviate the problem while providing a long-lasting and pleasing solution.

Texture to Aid Traction

Traction is essential to a swimmer since they are more than likely going to be barefoot. A slick concrete surface does not provide much traction for a wet foot. StoneSet, with its naturally textured surface, allows bare feet to gain better traction, significantly reducing the chance of a slip or fall.

Durability to Last

StoneSet is not adversely affected by continued exposure to chlorine or salt water. This means that StoneSet will continue to protect swimmers entering and exiting the pool for years to come. Other solutions, such as mats by the pool, require upkeep and service to maintain them as well as expensive replacements as they wear out. StoneSet protects your investment.

Fits the Pool Environment

Today’s pools are being built with a design in mind. Many have a defined colour palette that is pleasing to the eyes. StoneSet has a natural finish that is available in a vast colour range that will fit any pool design. The colour choice can extend to the pool while protecting from water puddles.

StoneSet can be a natural fit for many school pool areas, thanks to its textured surface and long-lasting properties that are impervious to chlorine and salt water. Contact us today to see how we can help solve your pool walkway issues.