Karen’s Story: Our Mega Makeover Winner

A few months ago, we ran our very first StoneSet Mega Makeover competition. We solicited stories from our community of families who would benefit from a StoneSet makeover.

After pouring through the inspiring entries, our eyes paused on this one. We are honoured to share Karen’s story with you and how StoneSet was able to not only give Karen a new driveway but the ability to stay in her beloved home for the years to come.

Mark and Cassandra came across our competition and immediately knew Mark’s mother, Karen, would be a worthy recipient. Unbeknownst to her, they wrote in and shared her story.

In January of 2015, Karen’s husband was diagnosed with mesothelioma (asbestos cancer). He quickly became very ill and was unable to take care of their home like he always had faithfully done. Sadly, in March of 2016, Karen’s husband passed away of a heart attack while in the hospital. Leaving Karen alone in the home they had shared for thirty years, Karen was overwhelmed and unsure how she would be able to stay in her home… especially due to the condition of the driveway. With a steep incline and dangerous cracks, Karen twice fell on her driveway receiving dangerous injuries. After these falls, Karen was unable to walk down her driveway without fear of falling. She was thinking of moving to a nursing home forcing her to leave behind the home she loved.

After hearing Karen’s story, we were convinced we could make a difference. StoneSet awarded Karen our Mega Makeover winner and took on the project of repairing Karen’s driveway. Working together, we were able to complete it just in time for Christmas. Karen was overwhelmed upon seeing the finished product.

“It’s amazing….it’s amazing. It looks so beautiful. I thought I was going to a nursing home or something. But with all this being done, I’m going to stay here cause there are so many memories and stuff that is here.”We at StoneSet are honoured to meet Karen and be a part her story. It was a privilege for us to carry on her husband’s memory by repairing her driveway allowing her to stay in her home for the years to come. Thank you, Mark and Cassandra, for sharing her story with us.

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