Is Porous Paving More Convenient To Work With?

When it comes to porous paving, we hear a lot about its most notable advantages. It’s a green material, for example, and it has a unique, attractive look and feel to it that can make using it in your construction stand-out from traditional pavement options.

However, something that often gets overlooked is the sheer convenience of this material. It takes less material, and less time, and that can lead to a net saving on any project.


Porous paving lacks the filler put in traditional pavement; that’s why, when it dries, it’s full of little drainage holes. However, while letting water drain naturally is definitely good for the environment and the local water table, it also means that porous paving doesn’t require all of the additional support that traditional pavement needs. Support that can quickly increase your price, and the time to complete an installation.

What does that mean?

Well, say you’re putting in a porous driveway, or parking lot. You install the pavement, and bam, you’re done. Maybe you paint some lines on it for parking, but if it rains the pavement will take care of it. That isn’t the case with traditional pavement, which is impermeable.

Water puddles, pools, and can cause all kinds of problems, which is why that water has to be sluiced away somewhere. That often means installing gutters, drains, and a slew of other support to make sure the water goes somewhere it isn’t going to do any harm. That means more pavement has to be put down, more time has to be taken, and the cost in both time and money is going to rise.


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