Innovative Commercial Applications for StoneSet Porous Pavement

Commercial project administrators and business owners have numerous considerations to make when designing an environment for their staff and patrons.

To promote a brand of trust and reliability, you need design materials that are aesthetically pleasing, safe for people of all abilities, and harmonious with the environment. Porous pavement is a low-maintenance, cost-effective solution that satisfies these criteria, and here at StoneSet we can attest to the growing popularity of porous paving in Australia.

As any commercial organisation knows, slip resistance is a priority for landscape design. Hospitals and surgery centres need surfaces that offer traction for IV poles and wheelchairs, while pediatric facilities may want materials for a safe and secure playground. Schools and universities, with their many sidewalks and bike paths, have similar concerns regarding slip resistance. Initiatives in Australia, such as the National Slips and Falls Prevention Project, have reinforced the urgency of the issue, which is why many businesses have turned to StoneSet to learn more about the safety benefits of porous paving.

Here at StoneSet we also understand that functionality and safety are not the only principles guiding your design decisions. Schools want to attract new students with a pleasant and idyllic campus that reflects their values as an institution of learning. Commercial centres and hospitals want their patrons to feel relaxed and tranquil.

Traditional concrete may not achieve the effects you need, whereas porous pavement is a dynamic solution, available in a variety of colours and styles to meet the needs of any project. Tree pits and other green areas work well with our products because porous paving, as the name suggests, allows water to return to the ground, thereby preventing unsightly puddles or withered plants. Our team can also offer unique designs and patterns that include your logo to foster brand recognition.

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