Incorporating StoneSet in Landscaping Projects for Clients

Residential landscaping contractors enjoy incorporating StoneSet’s porous and overlay paving into landscaping and hardscaping designs for their clients.

For urban and rural residential land, StoneSet’s porous paving provides cool hard surfaces that filter rainfall to lawns and gardens. Light colours of natural stone reduce outdoor temperatures around the home and other buildings while conserving water on the property. StoneSet porous paving provides low maintenance, and slip-resistant surfaces that homeowners love and that complement any design. Both, city and farm property, benefit from less concrete use, aesthetically and environmentally.


Natural Stone Applications:

  • Driveway
  • Carport Floor
  • Front Walkway
  • Entrance Way
  • Side of the House Pathways
  • Garden Pathway
  • Tree Surrounds

Natural Stone and Coloured Recycled Glass Applications:

  • Patio
  • Pond Surround
  • Pool Surround
  • Gazebo Floor
  • Greenhouse Floor
  • Playground Surface

StoneSet’s overlay paving covers cracked or chipped concrete driveways, while reducing overall costs of your client’s project. Aesthetically improve drab areas easily with simple overlay designs or by adding a dash of colour to the design.


StoneSet’s flexible porous and overlay paving products provide a palette of natural and bright coloursfor vibrant design aesthetics. Impress clients by creating lasting works of art to complement any home. Available in 24 colours of natural stone from local sources across Australia and 6 colours of bright recycled glass, this environmentally friendly material pleases the planet and your most difficult to please clients.


Contact us today to learn more about incorporating StoneSet’s porous paving products into simple or elaborate designs for your residential clients who are looking for something in stone that sets their properties apart from the neighbouring land.


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