Incorporating StoneSet in Clients’ Landscaping Projects

Set off your landscaping clients’ residence from the rest of the homes on the block with StoneSet porous paving. Or, set off your commercial clients’ businesses from the competition. Try something new and set new business goals and records.




Most residential and commercial hardscaping depends on boring old concrete. Concrete parking lots, concrete driveways, concrete entrance ways, concrete porches, concrete patios, concrete pathways, all make a very hard environment to live in, often referred to as a “concrete jungle.” StoneSet’s porous paving remains cooler than concrete and provides a more sustainable environment, and it’s so much more versatile for a wide range of landscaping applications.


Natural stone’s aesthetic appeal compliments any architecture, whether classic or modern or futuristic.  StoneSet’s scientifically-engineered polyurethane resin binds natural stones while leaving voids between the stones, so that rain or irrigation water penetrates to the soil, preventing soil erosion and conserving water for lawns and gardens. Hardened StoneSet surfaces decrease the creation of puddles and the slip-resistant top finish keep your clients safe.



StoneSet’s environmentally friendly porous paving provides your clients the opportunity to get creative with their design ideas. StoneSet’s range offers 24 colors of natural stoneand in six colors of vibrantly colored recycled glass.

  • Lighter colors for larger surfaces keep the temperature around your clients’ homes cooler, but darker colors make great decorative accents, patterns, or borders.
    • Vibrantly colored recycled glass accents incorporated into patio, garden pathway, pool surround, or children’s play area designs delight clients and produce neighbor referrals to your business.StoneSet provides you, the landscape artist, with a colorful palette of new natural and vibrant landscaping material to dazzle your residential clients with your creativity.

      For your commercial landscaping clients, incorporation of company logos into parking lots or main entrance ways with vibrantly colored recycled glass or natural stone impresses their brand names and corporate identities into the minds of their customers.

      Contact us for fabulous StoneSet project ideas and product samples to show your clients.

Read more on how to use StoneSet for Commercial Applications in our free guide:

StoneSet Commercial applications