Incorporate StoneSet in Landscaping Projects to Reduce Noise Pollution

Sometimes a landscaping job is so physically demanding that manual labor alone is not enough. As a professional landscape contractor you know when it’s time to bring in the heavy equipment to manage the work. It’s a practical solution, but what do you do when the circumstances of the job prohibit the use of large, noisy machinery? We have recommendations when you encounter this situation.



While you are on the job it’s normal to wear protective hearing gear to reduce the effects of the noise, but the surrounding residents don’t have this advantage. Most homeowners and their neighbours can endure the disruption temporarily, but some cannot:

  • A home with a newborn infant.
  • A home with elderly or ill people.
  • A home near a hospital “quiet” zone.
  • A home near a children’s daycare needing quiet times.
  • A home near a library requesting low noise.

When your client owns a home that involves one or more of these conditions, they have the right to ask you to avoid the use of heavy equipment even if you obtain the proper permits.


In these circumstances we advise incorporating the StoneSet system into the landscape design. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • No heavy excavation is required.
  • The system is installed using relatively easy manual labor.
  • Tearing out current worn or damaged surfaces can be unnecessary.
  • It covers most other surfaces and lawns.
  • Your design can be modified to accommodate the geography of your client’s outdoor area.
  • It is used effectively with all other landscaped or hardscaped features.

Our expert team of designers will adjust your landscape project to avoid the use of heavy equipment. We support your quality workmanship and excellent customer service. Contact us today!

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