If You’re A Builder, Why Aren’t You Using Porous Paving Solutions?

If you’re a builder, you have to try to balance all aspects of a project. You need to make the finished product look clean and attractive, but at the same time you have to try to bring it in on-time, and under budget if it’s at all possible. While those constraints can sometimes feel heavy to carry around, they often lead to creative choices from builders willing to try unorthodox methods. Methods like using porous paving, for instance



If you haven’t come across this material before, porous paving is just what it sounds like. It’s similar to normal concrete, but it has gaps that allow water to drain straight through the pave, and it’s a product that’s been around for over a century. More often than not, people will tout the green and environmental benefits of porous paving. Since it reduces rain runoff, pollution, and other hazards.

Moreover, porous paving improves your hard to soft landscape ratio which can enable you to build a larger home, increasing the land value and pleasing your clients because you will be able to give that larger kitchen or study room.

6mm Ash StoneSet

Whether the project is big or small, switching out traditional paving for a porous paving solution from Stone Set is a smart decision.

If you’re looking for more information about how porous paving works, the applications it can be used in, and how it can reduce the costs of your current and future projects, all you have to do is contact us today!