Ideal Solution For Your Client’s Landscaping Projects

Wouldn’t your clients love to be the envy of the neighbourhood with a yard that looks professionally landscaped but didn’t cost a fortune?

For most homeowners, the biggest issues they face are time and money. They don’t always have the time to create the outdoor living spaces they would like to have, but the cost to hire a landscaper can be prohibitive. StoneSet is the solution. It can be used anywhere in the yard whether there is an existing base or not, whether it is a pool surround or even a driveway.


Designs using StoneSet are effective in combination with interesting focal points:

  • Stones are versatile tools for creating low maintenance gardens with perennials and flowering shrubs. Stones can be laid out to look like ornamental dry creek beds.
  • Soggy areas become manageable by covering them with decorative stones to aid with water runoff. Or, a rain garden – a mini-wetland of sorts can be covered with native plants. This requires no mowing or weeding.
  • Sections of raised decking built over a StoneSet foundation add elegance to the yard, using natural moisture resistant wood or composites. Water does not accumulate below the decking, due to the porous nature of the foundation.



We would be happy to assist you with design ideas that suit the budgets of your clients. Contact us today for more information.

For more inspiration on how to integrate porous pavements in your landscaping projects, download our FREE guide below:

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