How to maintain a heritage look, while meeting access requirements for everyone


A big challenge for all heritage sites is to provide adequate and easy access for all people while maintaining the heritage values that can make the property what it is.

A major concern is uneven surfaces, even if only 10mm, that can cause a trip hazard. Soft grass or loose gravel is a problem for wheelchairs, which have difficulty in traversing it. It can also be unbalancing for others with physical impairments. It is important that paths do not deteriorate too easily or quickly and become loose and difficult, causing concerns for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility.

StoneSet provides a solution that maintains the heritage integrity surrounding a property while meeting regulations. A smooth, slip resistant finish using natural gravel and a clear resin binder, provides a fully bound surface but with the look of loose gravel.

6mm Cream pathway Wycombe Road, Neutral Bay copy
Natural Gravel StoneSet


You can create the appearance of deco granite, but with no loose stone – therefore no scratches on the floor, no wash out in rain and a lower maintenance finish.


Perfect for driveways, our wide range of colours helps you select the one that will be just right for the location and surrounding buildings.

Source A practical guide to meeting the needs of people with disabilities
Eric Martin
Australian Council of National Trusts, Australian Heritage Commission 1999
ISBN 0908 19813 2

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