How to incorporate StoneSet in your landscaping projects for your clients

Hardscaping offers many attractive features for your landscaping clients. It’s a great idea to spend time with the home owner, learning about their preferences and lifestyle to plan the project with care. Hardscaping references objects that are built into place and not easily moved if they don’t work out.

In planning for hardscaped areas, consider the overall terrain, the design, the materials and the cost.


  • What trees and foliage are present now?
  • What is the area size and elevation of the land?
  • Are there ponds or streams on the land?



  • Who will be using the area – adults, children, elderly people and/or pets?
  • Will the entire area be used or will you tackle one section at a time?
  • Will you be planting trees and gardens?



  • How well do the materials complement the house?
  • How long will the materials last?
  • Are the materials environmentally friendly?



  • What is the home owner’s current budget?
  • Is the home owner planning this to become a project that rolls out over several seasons?


Explaining how to incorporate StoneSet in your landscaping projects to your clients is easy.

The products are natural and recyclable, enhance the beauty of any outdoor space and are designed to reduce the amount of environmental pollution that occurs with flooding. Compared with other materials for paved surfaces, they are cost-effective.


We are happy to answer your installation questions or advise you on ideas for designs. Feel free to contact us or download our FREE Inspiration Book below for fresh and creative ideas: