How to incorporate StoneSet in your landscaping projects for your clients

There is variety within alternative landscaping choices. One contender, however, emerges as the leader in robust utility paving. And one type of paving shoulders above dated concrete and asphalt slabs by overcoming a chief disadvantage: StoneSet porous paving.


Porous paving solutions allow stormwater to infiltrate the paving surface and migrate to the underlying soil. This, in and of itself, provides a wealth of economical, ecological, and structural benefits.

Impervious paving creates water runoff which, as it gathers, erodes and collects surface materials. These surface materials often contain contaminates. Polluted storm runoff is, perhaps, the greatest continual polluter of natural watersheds.




Stormwater impact fees are characteristic in certain commercial and industrial zones. However, potential increased requirements pertaining to runoff among municipalities would make any prospective builder wise to consider StoneSet paving to avoid possible future financial penalties. By absorbing and migrating stormwater, StoneSet paving can further reduce overall costs by mitigating the need for expensive drainage systems.



StoneSet paving surfaces provide a high-traction surface. Standing puddles are minimized, preserving the gripping quality of the surface in a variety of weather conditions. A final anti-slip finish is cast over the StoneSet surface during curing to provide maximum traction. The aggregate in concert with the strong flexible resin creates a highly durable surface designed to maintain consistent performance under all traffic from playground foot to transportation trucks.



Porous paving solutions are gaining momentum as the favourite hard surface. StoneSet paving stands a visual league above competitors with a wide variety of colours, including bright and striking recycled glass. Projects can incorporate a variety of dynamic and colourful inlays, patterns, shapes, and/or insignia.



Choosing StoneSet paving for hard-surfaced areas is an economically and ecologically conscious decision. StoneSet is the unique hard surface with the level plane and durability of concrete, permeability of a flowerbed, and an eye-catching texture.


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