How to Convince Clients StoneSet is for Them

As a landscaper, it’s likely you know the benefits of using certain materials over others. If you’re already using StoneSet in your contracted projects, then you know its benefits first-hand. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to effectively relay that information to your clients who are asking you about their landscaping needs. Let’s examine the most effective way to convince your customers that StoneSet is the right product for them.




Focusing on customer needs is what drives sales.

  • If they are looking for a sound-dampening product for an enclosed courtyard, guide them towards StoneSet for its ability to dampen vibration and, subsequently, sound.
  • If they are aiming to build a ‘green’ driveway, inform them of the philosophy and history behind StoneSet.
  • If they’re worried about customers slipping while accessing their property, focus on the slip-resistant surface that StoneSet offers.
  • If they’re building a pool, be sure to mention that StoneSet is durable and isn’t impacted by chlorine and that it feels soft underfoot.
  • Is your customer worried about the impact the building process will have on the area? If so, then mention that StoneSet is sourced from local vendors, has an easy installation process, and is made of natural materials. 2409, Thornleigh, 6mm Charcoal, Driveway overlay7_preview.jpeg


We use recycled and reclaimed materials and can overlay on existing pavement in order to reduce landfill waste. We do everything we can to create a sustainable business with a forward-thinking philosophy. We are confident that informing your customers of who we are will entice them to buy StoneSet.

If you have any questions about how to relay the best information to your clients and how to drive them towards StoneSet materials, please contact us today and we’ll return to you shortly!

More information about our product is available in our free guide below:

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