How to Bring a Park to Life With Porous Pavement

Large-scale community-driven projects like parks present a myriad of difficulties. For one, open spaces in communities can often be difficult to transition into usable land. Also, parks seem to be notoriously bogged down by oversight and committees.

A huge problem that modern parks are facing is trying to navigate this already rough terrain while also attempting to go green. Parks are mirroring modern trends, green-fueled projects are expected to double this year, and cities around the world are popping up with everything from green parks to green parking garages. Here is why porous pavement is the perfect hardscape solution for parks that are trying to green. Actually, scratch that. Here is why StoneSet porous pavement is the perfect hardscape for parks regardless.


Beyond “going green”, porous pavements literally make your park greener. Here are some benefits that StoneSet porous pavement has that traditional hardscapes lack.


StoneSet porous pavings allow rainwater to drip through the pavement. This allows the water to reach the soil beneath the paving, spreading all of that water out into the soil of the park. This makes the grass greener, bushes brighter, and trees more vibrant. Forget having to install drainage facilities for the water; these facilities reduce water by letting it sit and evaporate. Porous pavement will allow the water to seep through, cleaning it of impurities, and putting it right where it belongs, the soil.


Residents will feel the cool comfort of our heat-resistant class V pavement that produces a firm grip. Baby strollers, bikes, and wheelchairs will have an easier time navigating the park with StoneSet’s tight grip pavings.


Porous pavement, by design, reduces large puddle gatherings. With all of that water seeping through to the soil, large puddles will have difficulty forming. Porous pavement is stormwater management through a well-designed hardscape.


At StoneSet, we can customize our pavings to fit the aesthetics of the park project. Want a cool texture? Great; no problem! Want something more complex? We got you. No matter the project, we have the ability to customize our pavements to fit your every need. We aren’t new to this. Take a look at some of our completed projects and testimonials.


Best of all, we have a 10-year guarantee and our pavements are built to last 25 years.

Looking to fuel your next park project? Contact us. We are members of the Master Builder’s Association and a CarbonNeutral company that is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

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