How StoneSet Will Improve Your Parking Lot

Parking lots are part of every commercial venture with a brick-and-mortar location. Your customers will want to be able to park near your property in order to do business with you so long as there is a building to do business in, and so the parking lot becomes an extension of your store.

This means that you will want to choose carefully how you pave that space. Fortunately, StoneSet is a good choice for parking lots for many reasons.


Above all else, you want your customers to cross the parking lot safely to get to your store. This means eliminating puddles and slick spots from the surface. StoneSet lets rainwater drain straight through the particles so that your parking lot doesn’t hold water for long. The particles also provide a slip-resistant surface. There will be no patches where these benefits don’t apply because of the different colours that StoneSet comes in: you never need to paint on the surface of StoneSet.

StoneSet is also rugged and will resist wearing out for up to 25 years. You will have that many years free of worrying about customers tripping over cracks.


The lines that indicate where people are supposed to park are very important to the smooth running of a parking lot. Unfortunately, paint tends to fade or get chipped away, blurring where people drive. This isn’t a problem with StoneSet: just pick a bright, contrasting colour as a parking spot indicator and have it poured where you want people to park.

You can get creative if you want to, of course, and have the parking spots alternate colours like a chess board. Your parking lot can become your store’s calling card. The important part is that the colours will remain true and vivid for up to 25 years, and that will keep your parking lot operating efficiently.


A drawback with non-porous surfaces on parking lots is that heavy rain can turn your lot into a lake. Designing it with drains will help with this, but there is always a limit to how much water any drain can handle. Plus, drains are easily clogged after a storm dumps leaves and garbage on their grates. Paving your parking lot with StoneSet will cut down on the drain’s load by letting water sink through it. Since there is no way that a storm can completely coat an entire parking lot’s surface, rainwater will sink under the surface regardless of how many leaves came with the storm. You will have to worry far less about drain pipes breaking or backing up.

If your parking lot could use the StoneSet makeover, contact us. We can be what your commercial establishment is looking for.

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