Homeowners, Find Paradise in Your Own Backyard with Hardscaping

After a busy day at the office and a long commute home, homeowners want to escape the hectic pace of life more than ever. This is why a growing number of them are looking no further than their own backyard to plan their escape. A new trend called hardscaping is inspiring homeowners to change outdoor spaces from dreary to divine.


Imagine this: You replace your old, cracked concrete with a two-tone overlay driveway, steps and courtyard that blends together seamlessly. Your once bare backyard gets a makeover and is now a Shangri-La with a waterfall fountain, natural stone walkway and garden greenhouse.

What does your home’s outdoor living space say about your personal style? Do you love the rustic cottage look, or do you favor clean lines and minimalist details? With StoneSet, you can you can bring any idea to life.

pathway stoneset



StoneSet is an ideal material to use for any type of hardscaping projects, including pavements, garden hardscape designs, custom driveways, tree surrounds and pool surfacing. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Aside from the aesthetic beauty of hardscaping with StoneSet, another benefit is its low-maintenance advantage. Instead of spending time and money mowing, trimming, watering and pruning, you’ll achieve the wow effect with StoneSet.




All StoneSet products are porous, so they allow water to flow into the ground below, making them ecologically friendly. In this way, you can help prevent flooding, improve our waterways and preserve trees.


Since local councils are now restricting the use of impervious structures on land, StoneSet is an ideal solution for your hardscaping projects. Get started on your dream project by contacting us today!


We also strongly advise you to download our FREE Inspiration Book below so you can see by yourselves what our product looks like in real life projects: