Hardscaping: The Path to a Gorgeous Garden

permeable paving pathway footpath

A graceful pathway is the perfect way to show off your gardening skills. For years, gravel seemed the way to go. Now StoneSet offers you an attractive, long-lasting, low-maintenance alternative to traditional garden hardscaping.

StoneSet combines polyurethane resin with locally sourced stones and recycled materials to create its beautiful permeable paving. With more than 30 different colour/material options, there’s a look to suit every taste (samples are available upon request). Choose from rich earth tones, or more vibrant shades of recycled glass, and unleash your creativity! You can even easily incorporate patterns, designs, and even logos into your project.

Plus, StoneSet is extremely versatile. You can apply it almost anywhere, allowing you to easily build the backbone of any hardscaping project. StoneSet can be laid right on top of existing concrete, making it perfect for updating an existing gazebo, or outdoor pathway. In addition, StoneSet’s porous pavement is strong and flexible. Its flexibility makes it ideal for use around trees and shrubs, where it can accommodate root growth without cracking.


That’s just one of the ways we’ve built StoneSet’s beauty to withstand the test of time. We guarantee our paving for ten-years, but you can expect it to last at least twice as long. You can also expect it to last with very little maintenance. It’s strong enough to withstand the force of a pressure washer, but requires little more care than the occasional spray-down with a garden hose.


But StoneSet’s true allure goes beyond mere aesthetics. It becomes even more attractive when you learn how it benefits both people and the planet. Water flows through the permeable pavement instead of puddling on top or producing runoff. This puts water back into the ground where it’s needed most. Allowing the water to pass through the earth before it reaches the waterways, the oils and toxins it can carry are filtered out before the water is able to reach our waterways.


Contact us to find out how you can make our permeable pavement part of your eco-friendly hardscaping plans.

You can also download for free our Inspiration Book to get an idea of how our product looks like once a project is completed and its beautiful finish: