Hardscaping: The New Trend for your Yard

Hardscaping, the newest designer trend in landscaping, focuses on the hard flat surfaces you drive or walk on around your home such as your driveway, front pathway and entranceway, garden pathways, patios, pool surrounds, pond paths etc. StoneSet transforms your landscaping designs into beautiful fancy hardscaping for a long-lasting aesthetically pleasing effect to get your neighbours and guests excited to visit your home.

StoneSet’s porous paving helps the environment around your home with a simple green solution to refresh and invigorate your property. No more boring concrete damaging the environment or detracting from your home’s appeal! If you do have concrete, StoneSet can still overlay it to increase the aesthetics of your yard. StoneSet’s available 24 colours of natural stone and 6 colours of recycled glass free your imagination to create hardscape designs that suitably complement your home, and to suit any home’s architectural design: rustic, traditional, modern, or futuristic even!

Concrete’s hot surfaces crack and crumble down under Australia’s sultry sun, while lighter colours of StoneSet keep your home front cool and comfortable. Darker colours of StoneSet add designer enhancements in any pattern to make your hardscaping project pop.



Rainwater and irrigation water quenches and soothes the parched ground passing through natural voids in the stone to provide precious liquid to lawns and gardens. StoneSet’s solid surface endures its hardness for ten to twenty-five years with minimal maintenance. Outdoor adventures around your home are easy and enjoyable with safe slip-resistant and puddle-free surfaces.


Get excited about hardscaping and enjoy years of sustainable and satisfying pleasure on your private property. Contact us now to feel the power that natural stone porous paving provides your home’s exterior environment.

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