Hardscaping: the new trend for your house – StoneSet Makes An Amazing First Impression

Your driveway is one of the first things people see when visiting your home. Cracked and oil-stained concrete hardly make a positive impression. Fortunately, StoneSet can easily solve your problem. We make replacing your eroded driveway and entryways simple, while rebuilding your sense of pride simultaneously.


Replacing old concrete takes time. Crews have to demolish and remove all the old cement before pouring the new. Then you have to wait…and wait…and wait, for it to set. We can pour StoneSet right on top of existing concrete without extensive preparation. It dries much faster than concrete too.



Your lawn, trees, and shrubs may love your new driveway even more than you do. It’s actually good for them! Water tends to run off, or puddle on, concrete. StoneSet paving is permeable.

That means water flows through it. This replenishes the soil surrounding your pavement, returning the water to the plants that need it most. In addition, our porous material actually filters particulates and pollutants out of the water before returning it to the earth. Cement offers no such filtration process. It also does nothing to reduce storm runoff, something StoneSet significantly mitigates.

StoneSet’s also a better option for those concerned with clearing the air. Experts blame concrete production for generating five-percent of the world’s carbon dioxide. In fact, they say the creation of one ton of cement, results in the production of one ton of the gas. StoneSet doesn’t contribute to greenhouse gases at all. And, we only get our rock and stone from local quarries that employ solid environmental practices. We take great pride in our earth-friendly policies!


StoneSet’s design options offer a significant advantage over concrete as well. Choose from more than 30 different colour and material choices. Select earthy neutrals or vibrant recycled glass, or you can mix and match. Let us make your ideas into home-enhancing realities. We can pour our paving into just about any pattern, and can even incorporate logos into your design. Plus, our pavement’s flexibility makes it perfect for use around trees and shrubs. It will bend to accommodate root growth, instead of cracking like concrete. That makes it attractive and versatile.



StoneSet’s porous pavement is as durable as it is beautiful. We’ll guarantee your new driveway for ten-years, but we’re confident it will last twice as long. We’ve even made it simple for you to extend the life of your hardscaping project, with a resurfacing treatment so simple, you can do it yourself.


Contact us for more information on revving up the look of your driveway, or making your front walkway even more welcoming. You can also download our FREE Inspiration Book below showcasing our latest client’s projects: