Hardscaping: the new trend for your house – Making a Splash with StoneSet

Your pool should be the sparkling centrepiece of any backyard party, but dingy, cracked concrete might make you want to leave it off the guest list entirely. Fortunately, StoneSet can help you make your pool area into the star of any celebration.

We blend locally sourced stone, and recycled materials with polyurethane resin to create beautiful, long-lasting, permeable pavement that offers a number of advantages over traditional concrete pool decks.



Water flows through StoneSet’s porous surface instead of pooling on top of it. That reduces the sort of puddling you see with concrete, and makes our paving more slip resistant. Plus, the voids in the pavement allow cool air to flow through and keep the surface from heating up too much in summer. That makes it more foot-friendly for your family and friends.



We can lay StoneSet right on top of existing concrete. The overlay process significantly reduces installation time for virtually any hardscaping project, including your pool area. That means you won’t be waiting for concrete to set instead of enjoying the water!



With more than 30 colours and material options, it’s easy to personalize your pool, or any other area in need of paving. Create a calm oasis with earthy neutrals, or pump up the energy with our assortment of bright colours. Perhaps you prefer to make a strong statement with rich blacks and greys? It’s all up to you. StoneSet can even incorporate patterns and logos into your project. Just request a free sample for a preview of the endless design possibilities.



You can count on a StoneSet pool deck, or patio, to stay beautiful for many summers to come. Pool chemicals and chlorinated water won’t harm its surface. Plus, our polyurethane resin makes it strong, flexible and crack-resistant. We guarantee our permeable pavement for a full ten-years, but we’re confident your new pool deck will last far longer!



Our porous paving requires surprisingly little maintenance to keep it looking great. You can clean it off with a brush or hose, and it’s strong enough to withstand pressure washing. StoneSet does recommend applying a fresh coat of resin after ten-years, but we’ve made it so simple you can do it yourself.


StoneSet’s paving process creates far less carbon dioxide than producing concrete. That should help you breathe a little easier while enjoying your beautiful hardscaping project. Plus, we only use locally sourced stone. In addition, overlaying significantly reduces the amount of waste heading to your local landfill.  Not only will your project look good, our earth-friendly policies will make you feel good about how it was created.


Contact us for more information on how StoneSet can help you make a splash with a stunning new pool deck.

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