Hardscaping Parched Property the Easy Way

Do you have a dried up lawn in your back yard that is beyond repair?

Lawns dry up fast under the hot Australian sun without constant maintenance, and well-maintained lawns offer constant mowing, weeding, and feeding. Just after you finish, you need to start all over from the beginning. Who needs a lawn and who needs more work to do at home, where one wants to relax?

Hardscaping, the hottest new trend to hit the landscaping industry, eliminates the lawn and the hard work of lawn maintenance forever. Hardscape your parched property the easy way with StoneSet, an environmentally friendly porous paving solution. StoneSet binds stones together leaving the natural voids between the stones allowing rainwater to pass through to the soil to nourish the earth below the paved surface. StoneSet’s surfaces are strong, stable, reduce puddles and are slip-resistant – providing a perfect area for your garden.

Stone gardens provide meditative relaxation centres aesthetically pleasing to the senses. Stone gardens delight your brain with inspiration! Plan and design a stone garden to replace your old lawn, and plan to never do hard yard work again. Instead, help the earth, relax, create art, tend your garden spaces, grill, eat, and enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends all year-round.

StoneSet’s porous paving is suitable for surrounding shade trees and raised garden beds, creates a no maintenance living stone garden after removing one’s lawn. Add large stone sculptures for artful inspiration. Arrange planters and containers for growing fragrant flowers. Grow fruits and vegetables in raised garden beds. Plant herbs near your grilling pad to enhance your meals with flavour. Water less frequently, as rainwater soaks through your paving deep into the soil and nourishes your plants at their roots.

Incorporate a gazebo or pagoda with hanging plants into your design for extra shade and to alter the atmosphere around your patio table and seating areas. Gazebos and pagodas look lovely at night with mood lighting. Benches or large stones that look like chairs arranged around a fire-pit seat warm relaxed bodies on cool nights under the stars. Incorporate a stone water fountain for creating flowing and trickling sounds that soothe the soul. Koi ponds and bird feeders make excellent attractions for wildlife that further activate your senses in a naturally hardscaped environment.

Contact us to choose from 24 natural stone colours and 6 colours of recycled glass and to design the aesthetics of your stone garden today. Lighter colours keep large areas cool, and dark accents or coloured accents bring out the artist in you and complement your home’s architecture and paint colours.


See our Inspiration Book below for some ideas to suit your property, and to learn about the wide variety of residential StoneSet applications: