Hardscaping: Easy on the Eyes

Hardscaping products and ideas hit the market this autumn as the new focus trend in landscaping for residential properties. In recent years, emphasis in home and garden advertising led homeowners to concentrate on building and developing sustainable raised garden beds for home food production, adding backyard koi fish ponds for mini-ecosystems, and adding water features like fancy fountains and waterfalls for soothing sound effects. Often, homeowners neglected to finish landscaping around these wonderful value adding features reducing the aesthetic appeal.

Now, homeowners look for creative ways to enhance and to enjoy these features with a complete landscaping design. People have the gardens and special features, but lack patios and pathways to link them and to reduce regular lawn and garden maintenance. Hardscaping with StoneSet provides aesthetic appeal that wows, and that’s easy on the environment and easy on the eyes.

Patios provide places to entertain and to relax with space for seating, eating, and for enjoying evenings outdoors. A patio with an attached grilling pad makes summertime dining with family and neighbours a pleasure. StoneSet creates beautiful and practical patios, and trees can stay to provide shade, as StoneSet surrounds trees.StoneSet is porous paving, so your patio will have limited if any puddles when it rains, and your trees and other living landscaping near the patio will thrive.

Paths between your raised garden beds and pathways to your patio make tending to your favourite grilled vegetables with fresh herbs a simple task. A walkway surrounding your koi fish pond improves your mini-ecosystem with porous puddle-free slip-resistant paving and makes feeding the fish more fun.

Stone paths around fountains or near waterfall features let children and guests interact with the water. StoneSet’s natural stone porous paving allows rain and irrigation water to trickle through to the soil preventing erosion and conserving water around your home. Pretty winding pathways through your gardens delight your guests.

StoneSet’s impressive range allows you design any setting you can imagine. Lighter colors keep patios cool, while darker colors or bright colors create eye-catching lovely accents.


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